A personalized regenerative solution for patients

About us

VivArt-X is founded by Dr. Ir. Dan Jing Wu and Professor dr. dr. Patricia Dankers, aims to develop synthetic biomaterials for personalized regenerative solutions. One of our goals is to revolutionize breast reconstructive surgery for women who have undergone breast tissue removal following a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast cancer is a prevalent disease, affecting 1 in 7 women over their lifetime. Among the approximately 2.7 million breast cancer patients worldwide, approximately 63% require cancerous tissue removal and subsequent breast reconstructive surgery.

Our mission is to offer personalized regenerative solutions for patients on their journey to recovery

Drawing upon years of academic knowledge we have observed a significant gap between laboratory advancements and their practical implementation in the clinical setting. Recognizing this disparity as an opportunity for impact, we founded VivArt-X with the mission of bridging this gap and accelerating the translation of regenerative medicine research into tangible solutions for patients.

By leveraging our academic backgrounds combined with the latest advancements in Med Tech, VivArt-X strives to develop cutting-edge products that can significantly improve the lives of patients using personalized regenerative medicine. With a deep understanding of the scientific and medical aspects, VivArt-X aims to offer personalized, effective, and sustainable solutions for patients on their journey to recovery.