Annika Vrehen

Pre-clinical researcher

“Control of cell-biomaterial interactions is necessary to bring organ regenerative therapies closer to the clinic”

Annika received her bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she proceeded with her masters Biomedical Engineering. In this master she focused on the development of a renal cellular read-out for biomaterial screening in the group of prof. dr. dr. Patricia Dankers. As part of her masters, she performed an internship at King’s College London in the group of dr. Georgina Ellison-Hughes within the faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine. During the internship she studied the therapeutic potential of PW1-positive interstitial cells in treating muscular dystrophy.
In 2023, Annika received her PhD in biomedical engineering  at the TU/e. As preclinical scientist, her task is to investigate and improve biomaterial designs for regeneration therapies.